Dear friends!
  1. NOTE!!! DNS SERVER WAS CHANGED TO!!! Please re-setup.
  2. Thank you very much for understanding.



  • You can add/remove/listen different radiostation from our catalog to your Xiaomi Mi Radio or Xiaomi Smart Gateway using standard Mi Home App
  • You can add to our catalog radiostation your wish (now only manually by administrator)
  • Some stations if free. If you want to get access to all stations, you need buy Premium subscription
  • It doest need any software/firmware modification and simple to install


  1. Configure your radio using the Mi Home App, choose China region. Working with MODS of MiHome APP and plugin are not guaranteed.
    • Method 1: (Need ROOT) Install Hosts Editor App and add "+" two new records:
      IP: Hostname:
      IP: Hostname:
      Hint 1: You can do it manualy by editing the /system/etc/hosts file on your phone (Need ROOT) by adding this two lines at the end of file:
      Hint 2: On some devices HostEditor app may work incorrect, but other app for editing hosts file may work, please try it.
    • Method 2: You can specify our DNS in your router/phone instead of the providers DNS. It must be single DNS.
    • Method 3: Method only for Android device, 100% working (even other methods dont work). First of all install DNSChanger APP from Google Play. Type DNS1: DNS2 - clear, switch to "Active".
    • Checking DNS settings: Open in your mobile phone browser. DNS settings is correct if you can see our site. If you cant see site, try to enable option "Enable for IPV6" in DNSChanger!
  2. Launch the Mi Home App. To find XiMiRaGa radiostations follow screenshots:
  3. Enjoy result. Happy listening!
Feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with configure your device.


Q:Does XiMIRaGa simply writes a station in the device memory?
A:The Radio cant play common radio station by URL. It play by auto updatable playlist with a seven-second segments (chunks) aac file with 64 Kb/s bitrate. We use ffmpeg to encode each station to this format.
Q:Can I add my station to playlist?
A:Yes, you can. But there not many free solts, so please send request to realy important stations. Federal radio station with news in first priority. Thanks for understanding. If you have server you can help us to extend our processing power and playlist.

To add station you need to Write us ONLY in our VK GROUP ( ). Dont use mail for it, it will not reply. You can use russian or english language.
Please provide infomation about station you want to add in the form, example:
Station Name: BBC Radio 1 UK
Station streamurl: *
Station description: BBC Radio 1, home of the Official UK Chart, the Live Lounge and the worlds greatest DJs. Broadcast internationally from the UK, daytime shows are more pop and night time shows more eclectic.
Station genre: News
Station country: United Kindom.

* station URL is not url to radios website with online translation, it is stream URL, wich you can be opened with any audioplayer, such is vlc, wmp, aimp etc. Radios may be in any encoding, but prefer is aac 64kb/s. If you cant do it, you can specify radio website url, but such requests will be processed in the least and with no guarantees.

Q:What are the benefits of a premium subscription??
A:You will give access to all radiostations with premium subscription.
Q:What is Device ID?
A:Device ID is ID of your smartphone (not radio/gateway!).
Q:Where I can find my Device ID?
A:Launch Mi Home and enter "Internet Stations". You can find Service Radiostation called like "Device ID: xxxxxxxxxx" at the begining of the stations list.
Q:I have valid subscription, but radio tell "You subscription is expired".
A:First of all: Device ID is ID of your smartphone (this is not ID of radio/gateway!). If you use few smartphones each one will have own device ID. If you change you smartphone device ID also would be changed. If you add station to favorites, it will be saved in radio/gateway memory with ID of your current smartphone. Lets check some problem and solution:
1. You have changed the smartphone. You need write me and provide old and new ID, i will transfer your subscription to new one ID. Then you need to remove all station from Favorites and add them again.
2. You use few+ smartphones. Each smartphone would have own ID. You need to choose main one, and add station to favorites from it. Also, you will use its ID to pay. From other smartphones you can switch station from Favorites.
3. You buy subscription, but radio/gateway tell you "You subscription is expired". First of all compare ID you pay for with ID in stations list (not favorites). Than remove all stations from Favorites and add they again. If dont work, contact me.
4. You have few radios/gateways. If you use all of them with one smartphone, you need only one subscription.
Q:What devices does the project support?
A:XiMiRaGa support Xiaomi Mi Radio and Xiaomi Gateway
Q:I have linux/freebsd VPS/home server. Can I make my own server?
A:Yes, you can. You can find source code on the github


09 Apr 2017 - Fixed issue with MiHome on iOS. MiHome App on iOS migrate to HTTPS.
04 Apr 2017 - Dear Users! We have some free slots, please read FAQ.
27 Jan 2017 - Dear Users! For now we have not free slots for new radio stations.
So adding new station is temporarily not available. As exceptions can be added only federal radio station with news. Thanks for understanding.
25 Jan 2017 - Changes:
* fixed radiologos
* fixed search in MiHome